Dear valued customer,

As the world responds to COVID-19, we wanted to update you on the business continuity and health and safety control measures we have in place, and the high priority we are giving to these throughout this period.​ 

Our services remain available as usual except for the current bans and suspensions. We remain fully operational and all our work with you continues as normal. We are actively monitoring COVID-19 developments and implementing additional important steps and safeguards to the working process, designed to minimize any potential impacts on our business and the solutions you rely on us for.

We are fully committed to continuing to provide you with the support and service you need during this time and we will be available to assist you with any inquiries you may have.


Our foremost concern is keeping our people, customers, partners and the communities we operate in as healthy and safe as possible.

We moved swiftly to adopt international and domestic travel restrictions in line with government regulations, which continue, and we work productively with customers and partners. As we are arranging the smooth international transport of each shipment, we have robust IT remote access infrastructure in place that enables us people to work remotely. To support government and health agency advice globally with regards to social distancing, we have already activated our remote working arrangements.

We are ensuring that our people receive the support they need, providing regular communication so they are up to date with the latest advice and understand the actions they can take to minimize the spread of COVID-19. For the limited occasions when we will be required to attend the workplace for short periods, or be in the warehouse due to warehouse-specific activities, we have adopted stronger protocols, including hygiene and social distancing, as advised by health authorities.


Thank you for your support – we wish you and your teams good health and resilience. If you do have any further questions about our response to COVID-19, or additional use of our services to assist your business, please

contact us.

CFL Team