GENERAL CONDITIONS OF FENEX (Netherlands Association for Forwarding and Logistics)


In these Conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

  1. Third party/parties: all of those persons, who are not employees, with whom the Freight Forwarder has an undertaking on behalf of the Client, irrespective of whether the Freight Forwarder has the undertaking in its own name or in the name of the Client;

  2. Services: all activities and work, in any form and by whatever name, including those performed by the Freight Forwarder for or on behalf of the Client;

  3. Freight Forwarder: the natural or legal person who performs Services on behalf of the Client and who uses these Conditions; this person is not exclusively understood to be the Freight Forwarder referred to in Book 8 of the Dutch Civil Code;

  4. Client: every natural or legal person who provides the Freight Forwarder with an order to perform Services and concludes to that effect the Agreement, irrespective of the agreed method of payment;

  5. Agreement: the agreement entered into by the Freight Forwarder and Client in respect of the Services to be performed by the Freight Forwarder, of which these Conditions form part;


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