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We understand the strategy and logistics planning that goes into air freight. We are an established air freight forwarder, accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Our control measures and caring customer service means your air freight arrives in top condition and order. Like clockwork.

Ocean Freight

Our coastal location at the heart of Europe makes us a key player that connects global markets. Whether you are shipping full container loads (FCLs) or less than container loads (LCLs) of sea freight to or from Europe, limited carrier contracts and unresponsive customer service can hurt your deliveries and profitability. 


A lot of work is required to prepare a shipment for Amazon. A forgotten label, appointment mishap, or pallet violation has the potential to cause significant financial losses and unnecessary delays.


We make it possible for you to import or export your goods - to or from various countries - without a registered company entity, or the required import licenses,  or authorizations. In this context it is not preferred to hire IOR / EOR and freight separately because coordinating between multiple providers is risky and greatly increases the possibility for operational and documentation errors during handover.

We take the time to understand your business, your needs and your company’s end goals. 

We then deliver the most effective, flexible and scalable supply chain solutions on the market.

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